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Hi-Temp Cartridge Heaters


Hi-Temp Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO Cartridge heaters are high watt density heaters that provide excellent heat transfer efficiency and up to 100 W/in2 with high operating temperatures. The Hi-Temp Cartridge is made to withstand a sheath temperature of up to 1400°F (760°C), internally up to 1600°F (871°C). Its swaged construction allows for minimal air gaps, providing superior heat transfer and resistance to impact and vibration. Dual voltage and three phase options are available on selected diameters.

Features & Benefits

  • High watt density rugged construction
  • Efficient dissipation of heat
  • Use in distributed wattage systems
  • Many voltage variations and power options
  • Wide-range of diameters
  • Many termination styles – see below
  • CSA and UL recognized (where applicable)
  • High quality Nickel-Chromium connections provide consistent junctions and termination
Hi-Temp Cartridge Heaters


  • Max Watts/sq. in.45 Watts/sq. in.
  • Max Sheath Temperature1000ºF (538ºC)
  • SheathStainless Steel
  • Wattage Tolerance+5% – 10%*
  • based on NEMA standards
  • Resistance Tolerance+10% – 5%** based on internal operating temperature,
    8.5% lower at room temperature for standard heaters
    and 3.3% lower for Hi-Temp heaters.
  • Standard Voltages120V, 240V & others.
  • Many others available upon request