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Threaded Inline Heaters

Threaded Inline Heaters

TUTCO threaded in-line air heaters are designed for industrial process heating applications requiring high-heat and high air pressure. Inline air heaters are ideal for rapidly heating compressed air or any non-combustible gas. Industrial strength open coil heating elements provide efficient heat transfer through direct contact with high-pressure airflow. Rapid heater response time enables precise output temperature control when these heaters are paired with off the shelf sensors and controllers.
Heat Torch 030
Heat Torch™ 030

The Heat Torch™ 030 is ideal for concentrating hot air (and other non-combustible gas) streams into small areas with negligible heat losses. This 0.313” diameter air heater is our smallest standard Heat Torch™ delivering greater precision with a focused compressed air stream.

Heat Torch 050
Heat Torch™ 050

Available in Ceramic or Mica models. TUTCO’s 0.5” diameter Heat Torch™ 050 Heater is compact and reliable when moderate amounts of compressed air (or non-combustible inert gas, ) are required.

Heat Torch 75
Heat Torch™ 075

Available in Ceramic or Mica models. The 0.75” diameter compact air heater for moderate amounts of compressed air, and other non-combustible gases. Heat Torch™ 075 offers over twice the air flow capacity of the Heat Torch™ 050 and can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position and includes several inlet and exhaust fitting options.

Heat Torch 150
Heat Torch™ 150

The Heat Torch™ 150 heating element is contained in a 1 1/2” diameter stainless steel pipe. The Heat Torch™ 150 comes in two sizes. The 4.7” long heater body accommodates ratings from 500 to 2500 watts (with standard power increments of 250 watts). 

Heat Torch 200
Heat Torch™ 200

The Heat Torch™ 200 is engineered to satisfy the most demanding requirements. It is contained in a 2” diameter stainless steel pipe and is available in three sizes. The 5” long heater body is for power ratings from 1000 to 4250 watts (with power increments of 250 watts).

Threaded Inline Heaters
Threaded Inline Heaters

Threaded in-line air heaters are designed for industrial process heating applications requiring high-heat and high air pressure. Serpentine™ heating elements are installed into a 304 stainless steel housing and threaded at both ends. TUTCO SureHeat offer two styles, Style “A” and Style “B” inline air heaters. Style “A” should be used when a leak-proof air system is required.