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Heaters for Paper and Printing
Heaters for Paper and Printing

Paper and Printing

TUTCO designs and manufactures air heaters and flexible surface heaters for paper manufacturing and printing equipment OEMs. Industry applications include curing, drying, and thermal air handling. Whether you configure a standard product or build something purely custom we’ve probably worked on a similar application. We can start with a prototype and ramp-up to 10k units per month, all within the same company.


Air Handling
Drying & Curing
Final Stage
Fast Moving Webs
Drum/Roller Heating
Supplemental Heaters
Mold & Rubber Plate Making

Screen Printing
Large Format
Webs Wide & Narrow
Package Printing
Label Making
Shrink Packaging

Paper and Printing Solutions

Enclosure Heaters

Air and surface enclosure heaters offering temperature and moisture protection for enclosures large and small. Use our enclosure heater calculator to determine the right product for your application.

Cool Touch 150

The Cool Touch™ 150 Heat Torch is a robust air heating tool designed for high reliability, long life and substantial air flow. In-service applications include staking, curing, drying, heat-shrinking, sterilization, adhesive application, air scrubbing and air knives.

Crossflow Blower Heater

Developed for maximum design flexibility, Crossflow Blower Heaters (CB Series) utilize multi-purpose mounting brackets attaching directly to the exhaust of a crossflow blower.

Axial Heaters

This heater mounts directly to square axial fans. It generates a guard and optional over temperature protection. Available with or without a blower, they are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing, and warming applications.

JET Heaters

The JET provides a compact and efficient heater solution for air temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C). Available in a 3.0kW or 8.0kW, 240V 1ø unit, the Jet offers two type “K” thermocouples with a convenient terminal block for easy wiring. 

Process Air Heaters

TUTCO manufactures numerous process air heating products and accessories for OEM equipment used in industrial and commercial processes. Each heater is designed to work within a range of airflows and air pressures.

Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO Cartridge / Insertion heaters are available in high- temperature and standard models that provide excellent heat transfer efficiency and a watt density of up to 100 W/in2.

Custom Heating Solutions

Custom Heating Solutions

TUTCO offers the very best in design and engineering of custom heaters and heating components. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we’re committed to keeping up with the constant changes occurring in manufacturing and product design.