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Flexible Heaters

TUTCO Farnam Flexible Heaters

Flexible Heaters

TUTCO offers precision-grade  polyimide (Kapton) and silicone rubber heaters for heating applications with irregular surface shapes. Farnam also offers  mica heaters for flat surfaces. With an extensive design portfolio and years of custom engineering support, TUTCO can expedite components for research and development purposes. 
Flexible Heaters
Polyimide Heaters

Thin, highly-precise flexible  heaters with excellent dielectric strength. Rapid heat up followed by constant temperature and excellent heat transfer. Ideal in any application where there are space or weight restrictions. Custom shapes available.

Flexible Heaters
Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber heaters are durable industrial products with amazing properties. They are flexible, resistant to many chemicals, heat up quickly and are able to maintain precise temperatures.

Flexible Heaters
Mica Surface Heaters

Mica Surface Heaters heat by conduction and are great for temperatures up to 1200ºF. They are custom heaters designed to give most any desired temperature distribution.

Flexible Heaters Specifications

Size Range
Polyimide: <1/2″ sq. to 27.5″x19.625″
Silicone: <1/2″ sq. to 18″x24″

Temperature Range
Polyimide: 300ºF to 390ºF (150ºC to 200ºC)
Silicone: Up to 428ºF (220ºC)