Crankcase Heaters

Compressor Heaters for Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Compressors

Tutco has been the world leader in compressor heaters for over 40 years, offering unlimited configurations for nearly every kind of air conditioning and refrigeration compressor.

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Standard Crankcase Heaters

TUTCO's Standard Crankcase Heaters are built with a continuous sheath construction, providing full contact with the HVAC compressor housing, facilitating heat transfer. With a continuous sheath comes more mass, which allows the heater to operate in open air. They comes in three varieties: single pass (standard design), double pass (for those high wattage applications), and narrow double pass (for those applications where space is limited).
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Specialty Crankcase Heaters

TUTCO's Specialty Crankcase Heater design allows the heater to snugly clasp the compressor housing to provide positive mechanical grip and highly-efficient heat transfer. The lower-mass design allows the most efficient transfer of heat directly to the crankcase wall.
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Stocked Crankcase Heaters

We stock standard sizes, individually boxed, that will fit most applications. We can ship in 5 days or less. For orders of more than 5 pieces, please call our Customer Service department.
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