Hot Runner Components

TUTCO offers the most reliable hot runner bushings available today. With a focus on increasing productivity through reliability our hot runner products offer leading edge technologies such as:

  • Advance heater technology
  • Thermocouple protection circuitry

We provide Hot Runner Components for Direct Feed and Injection Molding Applications

Precision Series image

Precision Series

The New Precision Hot Runner Bushings & Nozzles are designed to run mid-size and large molded parts. Advanced heat transfer technology provides optimum performance while a unique sleeve heater design allows for easy and quick replacement.
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Sprue Bushings image

Sprue Bushings

The Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing is uniquely designed for high performance and reliability for Manifold and Direct Feed Applications, even with the most demanding molding cycles and plastic resins.
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Machine Nozzles

The Integrally Heated Machine Nozzles unique design concept eliminates the voids and air gaps which limit the performance of conventionally heated nozzle systems.
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Our Flextracoil heaters were created to heat flow-through nozzles and sprue bushings in runnerless molding systems.
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