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Energy, Oil and Gas
Energy, Oil and Gas

Energy, Oil and Gas

With ever-increasing global demand for energy, and growing concerns over finding clean, reliable alternatives, TUTCO is positioned to provide the industry with durable, long-lasting electric heating solutions. Electric heaters are ideal for carbon neutral industrial processes and can efficiently replace most gas fired solutions. TUTCO is prepared to help the industry meet today’s critical energy needs while looking forward to the changes of a cleaner tomorrow.


Onsite Power
Energy Storage
Load Banks
EV batteries

Inert Gas

Pollution Mitigation
Exhaust Particulate Filtration
Air Scrubbers

Enclosure Heating, Freeze Protection & Dehumidification
Wind & Solar Power Enclosures
Electrical Boxes
Pump Houses

Fuel Cell Research
Renewable Energy Processes
Electric Furnaces
Refractory Processes
Heat Treatment
Electric Glass Production

Energy Solutions

Axial Heaters

This heater mounts directly to square axial fans. It generates a guard and optional over temperature protection. Available with or without a blower, they are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing, and warming applications.

Flow Torch 400

Efficient open-coil design for high airflow (up to 500 SCFM), low pressure (max of 3 PSIG) operation. Max output temperature of 900ºF.

Load Banks

A resistive load bank contains a network of resistors intended to absorb a load from a generator, battery, or other power sources.

Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone Rubber Heaters are durable industrial products with amazing properties. They are flexible, resistant to many chemicals, heat up quickly and are able to maintain precise temperatures.