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TUTCO manufacturers a variety of customized strip heaters. Strip heaters can be used in a variety of applications from food warming, heating enclosures, and OEM packaging machinery.  Tutco Strip Heater product families include our Ultima, HT Mica, Permaheat and Ceramic. Each of these product familes provide excellent heat transfer and reliable safe operation. 

Higher Watt densities and custom features are available. Please contact the factory for more detailed information on the application and custom specifications.  The specifications below are for our standard strip heater solutions. 

For more details please select from the solutions below.  Expedited delivery options are available for quantities as low as 1 piece.  

Ultima Strip image

Ultima Strip

Our Ultima Strip heater uses a reliable tubular heating element encased in a stainless steel sheath. Designed to withstand most corrosive and high temperature environments (up to 1200° F/648° C), the Ultima’s performance is above and beyond the norm.
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HT Mica Strip image

HT Mica Strip

Our Mica Strip heaters are a cost-effective and reliable way to provide uniform heat over a flat surface. Best suited for low to moderate temperatures, Mica Strips offer a wide variety of screw and lead termination styles.
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Permaheat Strip image

Permaheat Strip

The Permaheat Strip heater is designed for heavy duty applications and is the most rugged strip heater we offer. It uses a tubular heating element to provide excellent heat transfer and resistance to contamination, and its aluminum body allows for better conformity to slightly irregular surfaces.
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Ceramic Strip image

Ceramic Strip

Tutco's Ceramic Strip heater provides the ability to withstand higher temperatures (typically limited to 40 to 45 watts per square inch, depending on the application). The heater consists of a stainless steel sheath containing a high-temperature ceramic insulating a nickel chrome wire coil.
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