Band HeatersMade in the USA

TUTCO offers a variety of band heaters to accommodate cylindrical conductive heating applications.  These poular solutions can be customized per customer requests and expedited delivery is available as an option.  Temperatures range from moderate ranges to high temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C).  For more information, visit the product pages below. 

HT Mica Band image

HT Mica Band

The Tutco HT Mica Band is the ultimate combination of high temperature performance and flexibility operate at temperatures up to 1400°F.
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Mineral Insulated (MI) Better Band image

Mineral Insulated (MI) Better Band

The Mineral Insulated (MI) Sealed Better Band, with its one piece stainless steel sheath construction and welded ends.
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HT Flex Band image

HT Flex Band

The HTFlex Band™ from Tutco combines high temperature performance with an innovative, easy to install design that sets new industry standards for band heater reliability and productivity.
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Permaheat Band image

Permaheat Band

Our durable Permaheat Band heater uses a tubular heating element to provide excellent heat transfer and resistance to contamination. Its aluminum body allows for better conformity to slightly irregular diameters.
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Cast Band image

Cast Band

The cast heater is the toughest band available; it can withstand most rough handling, shock and vibration.
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Ultima Band image

Ultima Band

The Ultima Band provides uniform heat at medium to high temperatures while resisting contamination, corrosion and vibration.
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