Band HeatersMade in the USA

Tutco offers a variety of band heaters to accommodate any cylindrical application. Tutco's product offering ranges from the HT Mica Band using mica and sheath materials for your  applications, to the MI Better Band used in often the plastics extrusion industry and other industrial applications needing a high temperature reliable solution.

HT Mica: 

  • Good high temperature performance up to 1400°F (760°C)
  • Available with a wide range of customizations of the heater body and termination 

HT Flex: 

  • Similar specifications to the HT Mica band 1400°F (760°C)
  • Flexible solution


  • Medium temperature ranges up to  600°F (316°C)
  • Very tough heater
  • Extruded aluminum body and tubular heating components 


  • Medium temperature ranges up to 700°F (371°C)
  • Uniform heat at medium and high temps
  • Tubular heater encased in stainless steel outer sheat 

Mineral Insulated Better Band: 

  • High temperature performance of 1400°F (760°C)
  • 480V MAX (AC or DC)
  • 80 W/in2 (12.4 W/cm2) Watt Density
  • Quick delivery of custom orders in quantities as low as 1 piece
  • Expedited delivery options available
Build and Quote Your Heater New band heater configurator tool

Design your band heater to exactly your specs with our online visualization and configuration tool. Tutco offers a variety of customizations and an unparalleled level of support. Try it out below!

Band Heaters image

Design & spec your band heater online in 5 easy steps. Save and revise your configurations and submit them for quoting. Click here to configure your heater.

Max Operating Temp 1400°F
Holes Yes
Cutouts Yes
Custom Delivery 6 - 13 Days
Durability Good
Max Operating Temp 1400°F
Holes No
Cutouts No
Custom Delivery 5 - 8 Days
Durability Good
Max Operating Temp 600°F
Holes Limited
Cutouts No
Custom Delivery 9 - 14 Days
Durability Excellent
Max Operating Temp 700°F
Holes No
Cutouts No
Custom Delivery 11 - 13 Days
Durability Excellent