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Belly Band Specialty Crankcase Heaters

Within refrigeration and air conditioning systems, migration of liquid refrigerant to the compressor is a natural occurrence. When refrigerant has mixed with oil and the compressor starts, oil slugging occurs. The mixture foams violently, and all or most of the oil charge is pumped out. The compressor tries to pump the liquid – a feature for which it was never designed – and broken valves, damaged pistons, and blown head gaskets can result.

By optimizing the temperature of crankcase oil, our Belly Band crankcase heater helps protect the compressor from refrigerant migration. Oil is kept as much as 30°F warmer than the system temperature, and refrigerant is forced to remain in the condenser, evaporator, or accumulator. TUTCO’s Specialty Crankcase Heaters snugly encircle the compressor housing to provide positive, highly efficient transmission of heat. Acting as a heat sink, the crankcase can then absorb and transmit heat directly to the oil. Heat loss to ambient air is greatly reduced along with the major cause of refrigerant migration.

Specialty Crankcase Heaters


  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • High temperature silicone rubber element and VW-1 insulated lead wires rated at 150° C
  • Custom leads and terminations available
  • Voltages through 600 V ac
  • Wattage for each model matches compressor requirements
  • Completely moisture proof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Nominal power consumption due to highly efficient heat transmission and low wattage
  • UL recognized


  • Air Conditioners
  • Refrigeration