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Ultima Band Heaters


Ultima Band Heaters

The TUTCO Ultima Band heater is one of the most rugged products on the market. Its tubular heating element enables the Ultima to provide uniform heat at medium to high temperatures while resisting contamination, corrosion and vibration.

Ultima band heaters are constructed of a heavy-duty stainless steel sheath with welded stainless steel end caps. This stainless steel structure eliminates distortion and deformation problems that may occur with other bands at higher temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • High temperature tubular construction.
  • MgO filled for excellent heat transfer.
  • Stainless steel sheath for durability.
  • Large selection of sizes and terminations.
  • Two-piece construction standard. When necessary 3, 4 or more piece construction available.
Ultima Band Heaters


Operating Temp Capability 700° F 
Holes: No
Cutouts: No
Custom Delivery: 11-13 Days
Durability: Excellent


The Ultima’s sturdy construction makes it very well-suited for many applications.

  • Heating extrusion dies
  • Barrel heating
  • Chemical processing
  • Excellent for applications involving vibration, shock or contamination

If you have a special application, there are a variety of alternative features and options available to customize the Ultima to your specific needs.