HT Mica StripMade in the USA

Our Mica Strip heaters are a cost-effective and reliable way to provide uniform heat over a flat surface. Best suited for low to moderate temperatures, Mica Strips offer a wide variety of screw and lead termination styles.

Mica Strips feature thin construction and high quality insulation for effective heat transfer and excellent dielectric qualities.

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  • Operating Temp Capability1200°F
  • Max. Watts per Square Inch40
  • DurabilityGood

Features & Benefits

  • Computer calculated design.
  • Quality mica electrical insulation.
  • Ribbon resistor offers broad surface contact for extended life.
  • Welded terminal attachments to resistor.
  • Heat resistant sheath material.
  • Variety of screw or lead terminations and arrangements.
  • Mounting holes available upon request.

Mica Strips are ideal for situations in which medium to low temperature strip heating is required. Typical applications include:

  • Heating rubber platens
  • Compression molding
  • Heating inks
  • Sealing bars

In addition, Mica Strips can be modified to meet the demands of virtually any special application. Our engineers can utilize a variety of alternative features and options to customize the heater to your specific needs.

Either End
Either End
One End From Thickness
One End From Thickness
One End From Width
One End From Width


Leads can be arranged on either end, or on the same side exiting the thickness or the width. Mica Strip comes standard with fiberglass leads. 10" (25.4 cm) leads standard; other lengths available.

Engineering Note
Improperly chosen lead arrangements are a major cause of application problems. Use special care in selection of leads where physical abuse and high temperatures are likely.

Either End
Either End
Same End Along Length
Same End Along Length
Same End Along Width
Same End Along Width


Simple to wire stainless steel screw terminals are available arranged at each end, on the same side arranged along the length, or on the same side arranged along the width.

Plain Leads

Jacketed for continuous service up to 482°F (250°C) with nickel standard conductors. It is recommended to use Monel® lugs.

High temperature mica tape lead wire is suitable up to 842° F (450° C) max. with nickel stranded conductors. Outer jacket is glass Teflon® finish. The use of Monel® lugs is recommended. Better Band comes standard with mica tape.


Fiberglass silicone rubber coated sleeving class c -1, 392° F (200° C ) service. Provides extra insulation where wire is exposed to heat, molten plastics or abrasion. Rated 1500 volts at 428° F (220° C), except 5/16" (7.9 mm) size which has no voltage rating. This size used primarily to enclose multiple insulation wires in heat and abrasion resistant covering.

Stainless Steel Braid

Stainless steel over braid is most commonly specified in applications where leads may be subjected to abrasion due to movement of the application. Lead wires may be rubbing together or passing over sharp objects.

Stainless Steel Armor

Used over leads in areas where more protection is necessary. Selected for similar applications as the stainless steel braid, in addition to applications where non-fluid contamination may come in contact with the leads. This lead protection is not as flexible as the braid.

Stainless steel square lock construction.

Convoluted Armor

This is a seamless product and can be attached to the heater so that fluids do not contaminate the leads. This system of lead protection is generally associated with the “Sealed Band” construction. Not recommended where leads are flexed in the application.

Relief Spring

This optional relief spring is welded to the band sheath. It adds protection from abrasion while keeping the leads very flexible.

Specify length, maximum length: 12" (30 cm)

Copper Elbow

Simple straight abrasion-resistant stainless steel armor or moisture-resistant armor is attached to a 90° copper elbow to accommodate applications where lead access is only possible from one side and armor exit direction is a concern.

When ordering without a swivel option, specify direction of 90° copper elbow.

Pipe Coupling/Extension Tube

These pipe couplings, welded to the heater sheath, provide a method of fastening conduit or armor to the heater which can be disconnected from the heater as required.

Standard stainless steel.

Standard Terminal Box

Designed for protection safety, snap-off cover leaves terminals easily accessible.

For heaters 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) or wider with screw terminals at one end along length on top. Also with screw terminals at one end across width, on top 2 5/8" (67.0 mm) or wider.

Terminal cover protects terminals against accidental grounding or short circuit due to spillage.

European Plug Options

European Plug
European Plug
European Plug with Bracket
European Plug with Bracket
European Plug with Box
European Plug with Box


Plug is illustrated in the most common position. There are occasions for special boxes where the plug may be positioned on the top surface of the box.

Other Plug Options

Quick Disconnect Socket

Quick Disconnect Socket

2 pole-25 amp-250V 600° F (315.5° C) service. Ideal for power connection to heaters. Durable cast aluminum body on female side. Both sides have ceramic insert insulators. Ground connection via contact fingers.

Hubbell® Plug (or equivalent)

Hubbell® Plug (or equivalent)

Customer to specify type, part number and amperage required. There is a wide variety of Hubbell® plugs that can be fitted to our heaters. Please specify Hubbell's part number or call us for suggestions.


Strip Heaters Special Configuration

Special units manufactured to meet your unusual requirements are available. Typical examples of special variations would include shapes, sizes, lengths, holes, cutouts, wattage, voltage, terminations and mounting systems.

Consult Tutco for alternate sheath material [stainless steel for 1200° F (649° C) maximum sheath operating temperature], cutouts, unusual holes, special curvatures to fit on pipes or cylinders.