Plastics Processing

TUTCO Heating Solutions Group provides complete heating solutions for your plastic processing operation including custom design and manufacturing of band, cartridge and strip heaters as well as hot runner components.

  • Injection molding machines
  • Extruders
  • Blown Film Dies
  • Transformer
  • Crosshead Dies
  • Plastic Welding
  • Vulcanization
  • Water Chillers

Plastics Processing Solutions

HT Mica Band

The Tutco HT Mica Band is the ultimate combination of high temperature performance and flexibility.
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Permaheat Band

Our durable Permaheat Band heater uses a tubular heating element to provide excellent heat transfer and resistance to contamination. Its aluminum body allows for better conformity to slightly irregular diameters.
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Ceramic Strip

Tutco's Ceramic Strip heater provides the ability to withstand higher temperatures (typically limited to 40 to 45 watts per square inch, depending on the application). The heater consists of a stainless steel sheath containing a high-temperature ceramic insulating a nickel chrome wire coil. Magnesium oxide (MgO) is used to fill any air pockets, thus providing the best heat transfer possible
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Belly Band

The Belly Band is built with a continuous sheath construction, providing full contact with the HVAC compressor housing, facilitating heat transfer. With a continuous sheath comes more mass, which allows the heater to operate in open air. The Belly Band comes in three varieties: single pass (standard design), double pass (for those high wattage applications), and narrow double pass (for those applications where space is limited).
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Cartridge Heaters

Our Standard Cartridge heaters are designed as an economical, quality heater for lower temperature use (typically 40 watts per square inch, depending on the application). Our Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters can be used for applications requiring more heat.
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Your Custom Heating Solution

Your Custom Heating Solution

Tutco offers the very best in design and engineering of custom heaters and heating components. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes occurring in manufacturing and product design.

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