Food Service

When dealing with food, we understand the need for high quality heat and consistent results. Whether you are engineering a new product or seeking to improve a current one, Tutco Farnam can provide your food service heat solution. Our heaters are ideal for cooking, serving, preparation, and packaging applications throughout the food service industry.


  • Heating Elements
  • Convection Ovens
  • Industrial Ovens

Preparation & Packaging

  • Moisture Removal / Drying
  • Plastic Sealing
  • Shrink Wrap


  • Warming Cabinets
  • Heat Trays

Food Service Solutions

Ceramic Strip Heater

Tutco's Ceramic Strip heater provides the ability to withstand higher temperatures (typically limited to 40 to 45 watts per square inch, depending on the application). The heater consists of a stainless steel sheath containing a high-temperature ceramic insulating a nickel chrome wire coil.
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Tubular Heaters

Tutco's versatile Tubular heaters are custom-formed in a wide variety of shapes to correspond to your requirements. Incoloy®, stainless steel or steel sheath materials are available, as well as a large selection of termination styles.
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Standard Crankcase Heaters

TUTCO's Standard Crankcase Heaters are built with a continuous sheath construction, providing full contact with the HVAC compressor housing, facilitating heat transfer. With a continuous sheath comes more mass, which allows the heater to operate in open air. They comes in three varieties: single pass (standard design), double pass (for those high wattage applications), and narrow double pass (for those applications where space is limited).
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Ultima Strip Heater

Our Ultima Strip heater uses a reliable tubular heating element encased in a stainless steel sheath. Designed to withstand most corrosive and high temperature environments (up to 1200° F/648° C), the Ultima’s performance is above and beyond the norm.
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Strip Heaters

Tutco manufacturers a variety of customized strip heaters. Strip heaters can be used in a variety of applications from food warming, heating enclosures, and OEM packaging machinery.
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HT Mica Band

The Tutco HT Mica Band is the ultimate combination of high temperature performance and flexibility operate at temperatures up to 1400°F.
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Open Coil Heaters

As the world's largest manufacturer of open coil heating elements, Tutco has gained a reputation for producing products that are second to none. We design and build each product to perform with incredible reliability.
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Your Custom Heating Solution

Your Custom Heating Solution

Tutco offers the very best in design and engineering of custom heaters and heating components. Our capabilities are ideally suited to meet demanding production schedules, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes occurring in manufacturing and product design.

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