Industries & Applications

We have a record for designing outstanding solutions for a wide variety of industries. Below are two of the numerous industries we have created solutions for. Click on one of the boxes below to explore examples of industry specific solutions.

Solutions for a Variety of Industries

Automotive Manufacturing

TUTCO's industrial division supplies heaters to the automotive industry. Fuels / brakes / Tier 1 supplier parts manufacturing.

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Plastics Processing

TUTCO Heating Solutions Group provides complete heating solutions for your plastic processing operation including custom design and manufacturing of band, cartridge and strip heaters as well as hot runner components.

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TUTCO Heating Solutions Group is the leading supplier of electric clothes drying heaters to the North American appliance market. TUTCO also designs and manufactures custom heaters for many appliance applications worldwide.

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TUTCO Heating Solution Group designs, tests and manufactures the highest quality heaters for the HVAC industry. TUTCO provides heaters to many premier HVAC OEM accounts for both commercial and residential applications.

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Food Service

Food related industries need reliable, high quality heating solutions. We can provide long lasting heaters that produce consistent results for your food service or food processing applications.

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TUTCO Heating Solutions Group has a complete offering of custom-designed heaters for your packaging requirements.

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Tutco Heating Solutions Group has provided custom heaters for the medical industry including but not limited to diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment and therapeutic equipment. Engineers continue to work closely with various type of medical device and equipment manufacturers to develop their custom needs.

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Additional Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Chemical
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Environmental
  • Instrumentation
  • Natural Resources
  • Nuclear Power
  • Railroad
  • Science and Laboratory