Sprue Bushings

The Integrally Heated Sprue Bushing is uniquely designed for high performance and reliability for Manifold and Direct Feed Applications, even with the most demanding molding cycles and plastic resins. The advanced heat transfer capability is attributed to its integrally heated design, resulting in a more uniform heat profile. A replaceable thermocouple is strategically located close to the melt flow channel for optimization of processing conditions with all thermoplastics.

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Sprue Bushings
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Sprue Bushings

Features & Benefits

  • Graduated Watt Density
    Maintains a more uniform heat profile.
  • High Refractory Insulation
    Provides superior heat transfer.
  • Streamlined Flow Channel
    Provides for minimum pressure loss.
  • Fully Sealed Construction
    Maintains highest product reliability.
  • Made of High Grade Alloy Steel
    Increases durability and longer life.
  • Replaceable Thermocouple
    Allows for easy serviceability.