Machine Nozzles

The Integrally Heated Machine Nozzles unique design concept eliminates the voids and air gaps which limit the performance of conventionally heated nozzle systems. The improved heat transfer characteristics of the Sensitip Machine Nozzle provide performance and reliability far superior to any existing nozzle designs.

A replaceable "Type J" thermocouple senses temperature adjacent to the melt channel. This accurate sensing system works in conjunction with a very uniform temperature profile to ensure superior processing of even the most critical of engineering materials.

Machine Nozzle
Machine Nozzle tips

Features & Benefits

  • Integrally Heated Design
    Provides optimum nozzle performance.
  • Streamlined Flow Channel
    Provides minimum pressure loss
  • Fully Sealed Construction
    Maintains highest product reliability.
  • High Grade Alloy Steel Construction
    Increases durability and longer life.
  • Replaceable Thermocouple
    Allows for Type "J" or "K".
  • Three Tips Styles
    Available with either a .500" or .750" Spherical Radius, accommodate a full range of Injection Molding applications.