E-Series - VAV Flip-Able Heater

Tutco's E-Series VAV Flip-Able Heater has been specifically designed, developed and tested with symmetry in mind eliminating the need for right and left-handed designs.

This product is UL 1996 Listed with UL and ETL.

This one electric duct heater is "flip-able" and may be installed in four different positions.

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  • Patent-pending "Flip-Able" design
  • UL and ETL listed for multiple uses within 20" of valve
  • Symmetrically designed heater
  • No more left and right hand heaters
  • One heater for four mounting positions
  • Can be rotated to fit the requirements and location of the HVAC system
  • May be used as a stand-alone duct heater, or mounted directly to a VAV single duct valve system
  • Offers lower standard heater wire watt density and higher duct to heat coverage
  • More high and low kilowatt options are available in all sizes


  • Space Heating
  • Primary Heating
  • Supplemental Heating
  • Auxiliary Heating
  • Reheating
  • Multizone / Variable Air Volume Heating

  • Standard supply voltages, 120-600
  • Standard control voltages, 24-277
  • Single or three phase
  • Staging (balanced, unless otherwise specified)
  • Slip in, flange, or custom designs available
  • Disconnecting contactors
  • Recessed control box
  • Offset control box
  • 80/20 (Ni/Cr) resistance wire
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Derated Coils
  • Vapor barrier
  • Gasketed cover

See Accessories Page for list of accessories.