E-Series - VAV Flip-Able Heater

Tutco's new E-Series VAV Flip-Able Heater has been specifically designed, developed and tested with symmetry in mind eliminating the need for right and left handed designs.

This product is UL 1996 Listed with UL and ETL.

This one electric duct heater is "flip-able" and may be installed in four different positions.

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  • Patent-pending "Flip-Able" design
  • UL and ETL listed for multiple uses within 20" of valve
  • Symmetrically designed heater
  • No more left and right hand heaters
  • One heater for four mounting positions
  • Can be rotated to fit the requirements and location of the HVAC system
  • May be used as a stand-alone duct heater, or mounted directly to a VAV single duct valve system
  • Offers lower standard heater wire watt density and higher duct to heat coverage
  • More high and low kilowatt options are available in all sizes


  • Space Heating
  • Primary Heating
  • Supplemental Heating
  • Auxiliary Heating
  • Reheating
  • Multizone / Variable Air Volume Heating

  • Standard supply voltages, 120-600
  • Standard control voltages, 24-277
  • Single or three phase
  • Staging (balanced, unless otherwise specified)
  • Slip in, flange, or custom designs available
  • Disconnecting contactors
  • Recessed control box
  • Offset control box
  • 80/20 (Ni/Cr) resistance wire
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Derated Coils
  • Vapor barrier
  • Gasketed cover

See Accessories Page for list of accessories.