About Us

Founded in 1938, Tutco has grown into a global leader in the heating component industry. We supply electric resistance heating elements for a broad range of applications, including compressors, clothes dryers, duct heaters, heat pumps, window air conditioners, vending machines, university research laboratories, aerospace, automotive, medical, food, packaging and other OEM industrial processing equipment. In 1994, Tutco was purchased by Smiths Group, which has brought even greater resources to our products through the group's Specialty Engineering division.

We are a manufacturer's manufacturer, custom designing and creating products that are highly reliable and that help our customers get to market faster. Whether we're solving a problem with an existing product, adding new features, or inventing a new heating component, Tutco's depth of experience and technology is unparalleled. Innovation is not just a word to us - it's how we do business, one customer at a time.



Our Group



  • 1938: Predecessor founded as the H.W. Tuttle & Co. in Adrian, MI
  • 1969: Merged with Gould, Inc.
  • 1972: Moved from Michigan to Tennessee
  • 1978: Acquired by Adams Industries which started to use the name Tutco
  • 2007: Acquired Assets of Farnam Custom Products
  • 2008: Acquired Assets of Heating Elements portion of Fast Heat, Inc. product line
  • 2017: Acquired the Assets of OSRAM SYLVANIA's Process Heat Division and re-branded it Tutco SureHeat


Talent & Experience

  • Top technical talent in the industry
    • Six Sigma Blackbelt Certified Quality Engineers on staff.
    • The customer receives the right answers at the right time.
  • Staff engineers and metallurgist
    • The customer receives the best design the first time.
      • Holds over 30+ Key U.S. and Foreign Patents in the Open Heating Coil Industry
      • Over 6,500+ Current Designs
      • Average One New Design Daily
      • Design phase to production in as little as six weeks
  • Employees (700+) with decades of experience
    • The customer receives a quality product on time.


Tutco is a dynamic work environment where safety, dedication, and teamwork are essential ingredients for success.

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