About Us

Founded in 1938, Tutco has quickly grown into a global leader in the heating component industry. We supply electric resistance heating elements for a broad range of applications, including compressors, clothes dryers, duct heaters, heat pumps, window air conditioners, and vending machines. Through Farnam Custom Products, we also provide custom heating solutions for a myriad of applications. In 1994, Tutco was purchased by the Smiths Group, which has brought even greater resources to our products through the group's Specialty Engineering division.

We are a manufacturer's manufacturer, custom designing and creating products that are highly reliable and that help our customers get to market faster. Whether we're solving a problem with an existing product, adding new features, or inventing a new heating component, Tutco's depth of experience and technology is unparalleled. Innovation is not just a word to us - it's how we do business, one customer at a time.


Our Mission

To be the leader in our markets, while providing the highest value for our customers, empowering our employees, while being profitable.


Three Divisions

  • Heating Elements Division
    • Cookeville, TN
    • Reynosa, Mexico
    • China
  • Packaged Heat Division, Cookeville, TN
  • Tutco-Farnam Custom Products, Arden, NC



  • 1938: Predecessor founded as the H.W. Tuttle & Co. in Adrian, MI
  • 1969: Merged with Gould, Inc.
  • 1972: Moved from Michigan to Tennessee
  • 1978: Acquired by Adams Industries which started to use the name Tutco
  • 2007: Acquired Assets of Farnam Custom Products
  • 2008: Acquired Assets of Heating Elements portion of Fast Heat, Inc. product line



  • Top technical talent in the industry
    • Six Sigma Blackbelt Certified Quality Engineers on staff.
    • The customer receives the right answers at the right time.
  • Staff engineers and metallurgist
    • The customer receives the best design the first time.
      • Holds over 30 Key U.S. and Foreign Patents for the Industry
      • Over 6,500 Current Designs
      • Average One New Design Daily
      • Design phase to production in as little as six weeks
  • Employees (700) with decades of experience
    • The customer receives a quality product on time.


Come participate in a challenging and dynamic work environment where dedication and teamwork are essential ingredients for success.

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